Rover Rescue


Rover rescue is currently inactive as no club member has come forward as coordinator. If you are interested in taking on this roll, contact Rowley Hill


What is Rover Rescue? 

Rover Rescue was set up in 1979 and consists of a group of volunteers within the Breckland Land Rover Club who use their own vehicles and equipment to provide assistance to services and the community in times of severe weather or disaster.

Our members come from all backgrounds and walks of life, but all have one thing in common, a love for Land Rovers ranging from early Series 1s to the latest models.



The aims of Rover Rescue are to provide a network of volunteers with well maintained Land Rover vehicles that are able to respond to emergencies and situations likely to create a danger to members of the public or the general community.

Close liaison is maintained to allow us to provide assistance to the emergency services and Council Emergency Planning departments when they are stretched to the limits and when four-wheel drive would be an advantage.



 To be on the active call out list, each member must have a vehicle which is:

  • Road legal. (MOT, Tax, Condition)
  • Insured
  • Equipped with suitable recovery points, front and rear.
  • Fitted with sufficient passenger seats or load carrying capacity.
  • Badged as Rover Rescue member (provided)

The vehicle should be equipped to be self-sufficient during call out, as should the driver.

The volunteer should have attended Rover Rescue training events

Most members choose to equip their vehicles beyond the basic requirements, including recovery equipment and communications equipment.


For further information, please contact us on