Licensing requirements for Competing Members


Motor Sport UK (MUK) are currently the legal body that issues us with permits so that our use of private land for club events is both lawful and insured.  This provides essential protection for both the competitor and the landowner should an accident occur.

The MUK have a licence requirement for competitors and passengers taking part in competitive events; for Breckland Land Rover Club members competing in events organised and run by this club this would be a TYRO, RTVT (Road Taxed Vehicle Trial), CCVT (Cross Country Vehicle Trial), Timed Trial or Competitive Safari and you would need to apply for an RS Clubman licence in order to be able to compete.

The competition licence is FREE and will be required for all competitive events from  1st January 2020.

Please see below for links to provide additional information and also to apply for your license and enter events:

Entry form to be completed, printed and presented  at event Event entry form

MUK Q & A page

Licence structure

Postal application form

Online RS Clubman licence application:

The MUK have also introduced a flat rate £5.00 increase to their permit fee; this is the fee that we pay (per driver) to the MUK after an event has taken place.  This will mean a £5.00 increase to our entry fee for all competitive events.  However, we hope you’ll agree that the entry fee still represents a value for money day out at grassroots level motorsport, with the reassurance that our events comply with the law and offer a comprehensive insurance package should the need arise.

Please see below an explanatory letter issued by MUK with reference to the RS Clubman licence:


Please feel free to call Rowly (Chairman) 07860 178871

On behalf of the Breckland Land Rover Club Committee